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Date: August 16, 2022

The following are excerpts from the transcript for the earnings call held by Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. for the quarter ended June 30, 2022.


Ginkgo Bioworks

Q2 2022 Results Update

August 15, 2022

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Jason Kelly, Co-founder & CEO, Ginkgo Bioworks:

We’ll spend some time today talking about our pending acquisition of Zymergen, which we believe will drive our Foundry capabilities. The other asset is our Codebase. It’s a learning asset that accumulates as we run more experiments, includes physical strains, data, various tools for programming cells. These learnings can help us avoid having to reinvent the wheel on every new program. In other words, it can help keep us out of the lab in many cases from having to do that lab work if we have something we can put to work from a previous project that’s relevant to a new one. That can also increase the probability of program success and reduce, like I said, the total amount of work and therefore cost of these programs.

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Of course, in July, we announced the pending acquisition of Zymergen and the Bayer agricultural biologicals assets. We’ll talk a lot more about those transactions in just a moment. We also acquired certain assets from Bitome, which is developing a real time metabolite monitoring technology that we hope will help accelerate product development timelines across our cell programs. Finally, we are thrilled to have added Dr. Kathy Hopinkah Hannan to our board. She brings a wealth of experience and complements our other board members quite nicely. So welcome, Kathy. So that’s a quick overview of our recent highlights and with that, I’ll hand it off to Mark to walk through our second quarter financial performance.

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Jason Kelly, Co-founder & CEO, Ginkgo Bioworks:

Thanks, Mark. This is another strong quarter for Ginkgo. We executed well in both our cell programming and biosecurity business, and I’m really pleased we were able to revise our 2022 guidance hire for two quarters in a row now. Okay. So we spoke with you all recently about the pending Zymergen and Bayer transactions and I encourage you to go watch that call on YouTube if you want the full details, but I do want to spend a bit of time on these transactions today, as we expect that they will meaningfully benefit our platform and our customers. I also want to address a key focus area, both for the market and for us here at Ginkgo, which is cash runway and our path to profitability. Finally, we recently released our inaugural sustainability report and I wanted to spend some real time there because ESG is not a box checking exercise for us here at Ginkgo, it is fundamental to our strategy.

So rather than sort of publishing that report and calling it a day, I did want to spend some time walking you through our approach. So, okay, let’s dive in. I’m super excited about both the planned acquisitions of Zymergen and the ag biologicals assets from Bayer. We’ve had a long history of successfully acquiring and integrating technologies into Ginkgo’s platform and we’re excited about the capabilities that we expect these two new

acquisitions will provide for our customers. I’ll dig into the strategic rationale for these two transactions in just a minute, but I want to remind you of the basics. So the Zymergen acquisition is really focused on bringing on strong Foundry capabilities and accelerating our technical roadmap at Ginkgo. The deal is structured as an all stock transaction with a fixed exchange ratio representing approximately 5.25% pro forma ownership of Ginkgo following the transaction.

As you’ve heard me say many times previously, we have long respected the Zymergen team and the technology approach that they use, which is very complementary to ours at Ginkgo, and we’re super excited to welcome them into the company. The Bayer acquisition is quite different and we expect it will result in the development of an entirely new capability and offering at Ginkgo in the agricultural biological space and the launch of a new collaboration with Bayer, which builds significantly on our partnership over the past five years. We’ll be acquiring from Bayer their fully owned R&D facility in West Sacramento, along with its strain collection team and expertise for $83 million, which we can pay in cash or stock at our choosing.

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Okay. So to put these transactions in context a bit more, it’s helpful to frame them in terms of the vertical and horizontal impact of these two transactions. So Bayer is about expanding our capabilities in the ag biologicals vertical.

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By contrast, the Zymergen acquisition is really about improving our horizontal capability. So Zymergen did pursue a very different business model to Ginkgo, and as such, the market has focused much more on really their product portfolio, but at Ginkgo, we’ve long admired what their team built in lab automation and technology. In particular, they developed automation architecture that was designed to optimize for flexibility. As you understand, if you understand automation, flexibility is the enemy of scale when it comes to automation. And so some of the technologies they’ve built, we believe, can drive significant efficiencies here at Ginkgo, and we’re excited to develop those and pass that value on to our customers.

Additionally, Zymergen’s team fits well into Ginkgo’s existing hiring plans, and we expect that adding them will accelerate our growth plans. Ultimately, the Zymergen transaction will significantly improve our platform and benefit our customers in the form of lower program costs and increase probability of program success.

Okay. So we’ll keep you all updated as these transactions progress, but I wanted to cover that background quickly in case you missed our conference call on July 25th. For more details on those transactions, do watch the YouTube video on our IR page. I think it’s worth seeing.

Okay. So for our next topic, it goes without saying that there’s a lot of market focus on cash runway and profitability right now, so I want to spend a little bit of time on those topics. We get asked about it a fair bit. Okay. So first, I want to be clear that we expect to maintain our runway with Zymergen and Bayer in the fold. And indeed, we underwrote and structured the transactions with that priority in mind. So for Zymergen, we expect the pro forma cost structure to be well below that of the combined standalone companies. So Zymergen is continuing its cost and program rationalization and expected burn rate to decrease significantly in the near term. More importantly, while we’re excited that the Zymergen team joining Ginkgo will accelerate our hiring plans, these additions should meaningfully offset expenses that we would’ve otherwise budgeted. In other words, our hiring plans independent of Zymergen.

. . .

So taken together, we feel we’re in a very strong financial position. We have nearly $1.4 billion of cash on the balance sheet. We’re able to minimize the incremental recurring expenses associated with the two transactions described here. And most importantly, these deals enhance our growth opportunities. In the ag vertical, we can grow revenue with Bayer and other potential customers, with Zymergen, improvements in our platform, increased efficiency, and probability of success, which gives us better unit economics, MPV per program, and the positive feedback loop of bringing new programs to the platform. In other words, the most important thing is we continue to invest in Ginkgo to make it better for our customers and drive growth, and that’s what we’re doing here.

Okay. So as an aside, I did want to be clear that in our modeling, we made pretty conservative assumptions about certain specific items in the transaction. So first, Zymergen plans to explore strategic alternatives for its advanced materials and drug discovery businesses pre-close. So this is Zymergen’s process, they’re running this, but we’re very supportive of it. And think we can, given our history at Ginkgo of launching and forming companies, you’ve seen us do this a number of times, and we think we can help. An outright sale of a business unit could create additional cash proceeds and reduce operating expenses. The spin-out could reduce costs, create a new customer for Ginkgo, could provide opportunity for additional upside through appreciation of equity holding we would have.

So we didn’t assume these outcomes in our base case, but believe Zymergen’s product portfolio is strong, and they’ve already received serious inbound interest since the announcement.

Second, Zymergen has a deferred lease liability largely in connection with its new headquarters in Emeryville. We’ve assume that liability stays with Ginkgo, but we’ll be actively evaluating real estate portfolio rationalization, and any successful effort to consolidate the real estate could represent meaningful upside to the base case and further reduce incremental cash burn.

I’m outlining these examples, not to promise that they’re going to happen, but just to highlight that while we’re not counting on these items occurring, there are ways that we can improve the Zymergen deal’s financial case, were these things that come about.

. . .

And so my view, bioengineering in particular is a key technology that will be capable of solving some of our biggest challenges on this front. And a couple recent pieces of US legislation, I think, very nicely highlight this. So just last week, President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act. As I mentioned in our July call about the Zymergen acquisition, I strongly believe on a personal level that we should be investing in critical technologies in the US, and our acquisition of Zymergen helps keep bio foundries growing in the US. We’re having this issue with chips, we’re trying to bring chip foundries back, we should just not lose the bio foundries to begin with. And that’s one of the reasons I think this acquisition is so important that we’re doing.

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Matt Larew, William Blair & Company:

Okay. And then, Jason, as a follow-up, you walk through this Zymergen and Bayer transaction. Well, both are... They’re obviously different, both involve harnessing capabilities that we’re formally internally focused at each company, and leveraging them with your assets and turning them external. I was curious, neither are closed, but you referenced, outside interest in Zymergen sale or spin assets. Potentially, what outside interest or industry chatter, or customer chatter, have you heard about those assets under your hood, and how customers might view working with you differently than perhaps they did before?

Jason Kelly, Co-founder & CEO, Ginkgo Bioworks:

Yeah, I don’t know. Anna Marie, do you want to speak to this? I know you’ve-

Anna Marie Wagner, SVP, Corporate Development, Ginkgo Bioworks:

Sure. Yeah. Obviously, deals haven’t closed yet, and so we don’t want to speak for Zymergen. But certainly we’ve been speaking with our customers about both transactions and a lot of excitement, obviously, about both the expansion of capabilities, as well as the strengthening of our platform. In terms of the inbound interest you referenced relative to the product portfolio, that’s about as much as we can and should stay at this point. But certainly, real interest and an opportunity to see additional value there.

Matt Larew, William Blair & Company:

Okay. Thank you.

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Anna Marie Wagner, SVP, Corporate Development, Ginkgo Bioworks:

Thanks Tejas. Steve Mah, you’ll be up next, but first I’m going to take a question that came in during the call into our investor inbox. Question is around Zymergen. Question from Sean. How do you plan on managing Zymergen’s debt if the acquisition is successful? I’ll go ahead and answer that question. We had a slide on that. The company actually repaid its piece of debt in the second quarter as planned, and the only other long term liability of size is around their real estate, their long term leases, which we addressed in the presentation today. And we will be looking to consolidate our real estate portfolio on the West Coast now that we’ll have both our facilities as well as Zymergen’s. Would hope to manage that over time. Again, we haven’t assumed that we can, but it’s certainly something that we’ll look to do. Anything you would add, Jason or Mark?

Jason Kelly, Co-founder & CEO, Ginkgo Bioworks:

No, that’s clear.

. . .

Rahul Sarugaser, Raymond James:

Good afternoon, Jason, Anna Marie and Mark. Thanks so much for taking our questions. I wanted to start with a two part question about Zymergen. First, are there any specific new capabilities that the acquisition brought into Ginkgo? And second, with the 13 new programs this quarter, Ginkgo’s clearly on track to meet its target of 60 this year. Given that Zymergen had its own pipeline of potential projects, could you please talk about whether or how Ginkgo could leverage its own relationships to go out and find partners for those programs that in turn would potentially accelerate Ginkgo’s own existing pipeline, so as to achieve the very large goal of 500 new projects in 2025.

Jason Kelly, Co-founder & CEO, Ginkgo Bioworks:

Yeah, I can speak to those. On the new capabilities front, I spoke to this a little bit and if you want to really do more of a deep dive, I do encourage folks to look at our, go to our IR page and look at our video specifically on the Zymergen acquisition when we announced it. But one of the things that we have to do here at Ginkgo is continue to drive the scale of our foundries, and thus reduce the cost of doing the lab work of cell engineering.

The Zymergen engine team has invested in really flexible automation, in other words, robotics that can serve many different types of lab processes and a really great software system on top of it. I think it’s one of the things that can help us keep up with Knight’s Law here at Ginkgo, to continue to scale our facility and reduce our costs. I also think it’s really exciting to have the team that designed that and built that coming on board to help further push that along. Them thinking about the next generation of that and having the resources of Ginkgo behind them to do it, I’m also helpful helps us get to yet the next stage of what we need.

Those are the two things I do think that automation is something that we would’ve had to ultimately develop at Ginkgo, but there’s a speed up here by bringing in the team in tech at Zymergen. When it comes to their intro programs, Anna Marie mentioned there’s interest in that externally. Well, the only thing I’ll say is Ginkgo has a history of doing a lot of spin outs and basically taking product focused assets and getting them partnered up or in the hands of other people or into their own companies, so hopefully we can be helpful there. We would, of course love to then serve that spun out entity as a customer on our platform where it makes sense. I do think that’s something where hopefully we can lend a helping hand.

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